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Welcome to

Camp Tails

A donkey sanctuary and animal rescue
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Who We Are

Camp Tails is a not-for-profit, tax exempt entity dedicated to the nurturing and loving care of animals. Our founders are a collection of everyday people who are united by their love of animals and commitment to the transformative power of the animal-human connection. Our sanctuary is located at Camp Carmel Valley, which shares our mission for human-animal interaction.

Our initial focus will be the rescue, rehabilitation and loving care of donkeys -- not only because they are kind, loving, gentle creatures but also because they are some of the most abused animals on Earth. At Camp Tails we strive to add to the collective of other donkey rescues that seek to provide a better life for our long-eared friends – one that enhances both the lives of the donkeys and the humans who interact with them.  We invite you to be part of the journey.


Every Tail has a Tale to Tell!!! ™

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Help Build The Dream

Phase by Phase

Phase 1


Need to raise - $60, 500

  • Lease Facility and Land - $10,000

  • Equipment - $46,600

  • Stable, Fencing/Pasture improvements - $2,330

  • Supplies - $1,570

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Phase 2

Bring in the Donkeys

Need to Raise - $24,550

  • Donkey Rescue Fees - $14,000

  • Caretaker - $6,000

  • Feed/Meds - $1,635

  • Vet/Farrier Fees - $1,150

  • Supplies - $1,765

Donate Now

Phase 3

  • Spread the word about Camp Tails

  • Community engagement

  • Dedicated volunteers

  • Events involving donkeys (hiking, parties, weddings...)

  • Educational seminars, classes ??

  • Special interest events

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